Environmental water treatment

Beijing ZhongDian JiaMei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

>Main business

Environmental water business seeks high-quality development. Focusing on the two development directions of industry and municipal administration, we actively carry out general contracting of municipal water affairs projects, industrial condensate treatment and sewage treatment, and automatic control systems, environmental protection equipment integration, and technical services. In the field of industrial environmental protection, new construction and operation, engineering and spare parts services are equally important; in the field of municipal environmental protection, we insist on doing something and not doing something, and strive to improve the marginal benefits of projects under construction and operation.

>Application field

In the field of environmental protection and water affairs, CLP Canada is a system service provider that focuses on the industrial and municipal water treatment industries, and is engaged in equipment integration, project general contracting, investment and operation, etc.。

>Operating results

Municipal area:

Project name: Sewage treatment plant in Ledu District, Haidong City, Qinghai Province, the second batch of national demonstration projects. Treatment scale: 40,000 tons/day Treatment process: oxidation ditch + coagulation sedimentation + fiber filter

Industrial field

Project Name: Condensate Treatment and Demineralized Water Station Project of Thermal Power Plant in Tangshan New District of Datang International Treatment Scale: 88,800 tons/day


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