Lean management, scientific and technological innovation, sustainable development and social feedback

In the process of development, Longhua constantly strengthens the concept of "lean management, scientific and technological innovation", firmly adheres to the quality awareness, operates in strict accordance with laws and regulations, constantly improves management measures, and practices the responsibility of quality and safety with practical actions, aiming to provide customers with satisfactory products and services. Longhua's corporate tenet well reflects Longhua's social responsibility and stresses the harmonious development of the enterprise and society. Only the healthy development of the society can the enterprise survive.

Leading market demand with open enterprise innovation,Exceed customer expectations with efficient organization and operation

Longhua "leads the market demand with open enterprise innovation and surpasses customers' expectation with efficient organization and operation." As the core values, it fully reflects the internal value orientation of the enterprise. Longhua's growth is to better serve the society and the people. On this premise, Longhua pursues the development of enterprises based on integrity. Only in this way can Longhua be recognized by the society and provide continuous power for development.

To survive by quality, to develop by quality, to benefit by quality.

Longhua strives for survival by quality, development by quality and efficiency by quality As the quality policy of the enterprise, it well reflects the process of Longhua's pursuit of quality improvement. It takes improving customer satisfaction as the standard, sets no limit on its own quality improvement, and never stops on the way to improve quality, and fully embodies the entrepreneurial spirit Longhua has been striving for.

Talent oriented, innovation driven, lean management, and pursuit of excellence

Science and technology are the forerunner of enterprise development, and innovation ability is the core competitiveness of enterprise. In recent years, the company's management, middle-level and all employees have concentrated their efforts, United and cooperated, focused on the objectives, strengthened innovation and refined management, and made breakthroughs in the whole process marketing, lean management, technological innovation, product upgrading, management improvement and business model innovation, effectively improving the company's business ability And management level, which provides a strong impetus for the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

Make the best of our talents, make the best of our talents, develop together and share success

Longhua will introduce, retain, train and motivate talents, make good use of them and develop together as a long-term plan to promote future leapfrog development. Adhere to the principle of "attracting talents with enterprise values and talent concepts, condensing talents with career platforms and growth opportunities, and retaining talents with corporate culture and common vision". The enterprise is the carrier for employees to survive and realize their self-worth. The development of Huawei Longhua's employees and the realization of their self-worth create conditions and build platforms, so that employees can get better opportunities for growth and development in Longhua, realize their career pursuit, and walk into a better tomorrow together with Longhua.
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